A Message from the Founder of the Golden Rule Advocacy

Hi, I’m John McIntosh,  Founder of the Golden Rule Advocacy, Human Crisis Central and The Light Ministries Inc (a not for profit organization Founded in 1994). I’m proud of the work done here by my Team in creating  Magnanamas and over one hundred other print and digital publications.

Whenever a new crisis threatens anyone, my appreciation for what the Team has created at Magnanamas reaches new heights. And now, it’s easier then ever for people wishing to help to choose how to help.

People helping people simply reflects the undeniable connectivity all humanity shares. Over the years so many individuals have helped me there is no way I could ever catalog all of them. My modest role here is my way of given back for all that I have received.

It would be unconscionable for me to just “sit out” a crisis a fellow human being is suffering through without doing everything I can to help.

If I had the resources of a Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates,or Warren Buffett I could single-handedly help a whole lot of those in need.

I’m not them, but that does not mean I cannot do anything. The Team has certainly made it easy for you and countless others to help.

If you can contribute financially it will make a real difference in the life of someone who needs your help.

The Golden Rule teaches us to treat others as we wish to be treated. When misfortune arrives on our door we certainly would welcome any help offered.

If you are not able to contribute money, certainly you could help by offering prayer, advice, consultation or a consoling word.

To be a “helper” we ask that you first take the Golden Rule Pledge (see “Golden Rule” link below).

To help underwrite the costs associated with our ongoing efforts to mitigate the impact of human tragedies we add a handling fee of $1 to every amount given by a Contributor and every amount disbursed to a recipient.

Please join us now and help someone in need.

To get started take the Golden Rule Pledge. It’s always free and your only obligation is to treat others as you wish to be treated.